Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Perturabo - The Lord of Iron

Perturabo - The Lord of Iron

Hi all,

I wanted to show you my finished Perturabo model. He's the first Primarch I've painted, and I'm fairly pleased with the result!

He was one of those projects that I just couldn't put down after I started him; I ended up doing the whole model in a weekend - which is pretty good progress for someone like me!

I decided that I didn't want him surfing half a Knight Titan everywhere he went - It's an awesome base for a character model, but just wasn't to my taste. 

Once I decided that I wasn't going to use the scenic base parts, I ran into the issue that he wouldn't fit on a 40mm base! 60mm was too big, but 50mm seemed to work out just fine.

The hardest part was trying to get him stood at the correct angle - because of his scenic base, he doesn't stand quite level. It took me a long time to get the crate I've stood him on to settle correctly. It seems the Lord of Iron cares not for flat bases!

I'm one of those players that always puts helmets on my models, which means that I rarely paint flesh or eyes - his head was the area that took the longest to get to a point where I was fairly happy; though my Perturabo looks a little more manic than grumpy as a result!

All in all, Perturabo has been my favourite Heresy painting project so far... Can't wait to do another Primarch!



Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Vlka Fenryka: Freki, Geri and Wolf pack Work in Progress

Hi all

I have finally got my airbrush back, so have set to getting my Wolves started. 
Firstly I decided to go with the Black Library Fluff about the colours of Freki and Geri (one is near white and the other black). 

So here is Geri

I did her fur with a nice coat of Corax White, followed by targeted Nuln oil to her shadowed and scraggy areas using an airbrush. I also did a thin seraphim sepia airbrush to her neck and upper chest to show staining from blood, as well as around her . . . never regions. . . cos' those Thousand Sons gotta come out from somewhere. . . 

Targeted highlighting will be done later to soften the darker areas. 

Freki on the other hand is a lot more of a difficult prospect to paint as he is black. So a Chaos black base, followed by a zenithal of Corvus Black was the route I chose. As with his sister, a highlight of the fur will be done to try to make him not so flat. Weathering powders around his paws might be a good idea though. 

I also chose to do 5 other wolves. One black, one white, 3 mixed browns, black and white. These were all done with Nuln oil, Seraphim Sepia, Corvus Black and an airbrush. 

Wolf 1

Wolf 2

Wolf 3


Wolf 5

Hopefully I will get round to finishing them soon, but the mouths and claws do look tricky. 

Drake Seta 

Monday, 27 March 2017

Zone Mortalis: Life Sustainers

Hello all

A little while ago I acquired some Resin Mechanical Terrain pieces. I purchased them as objective pieces which I could use for our games. 
Currently amongst many other projects, I am trying to get a board together for a "Blood in the Void" Campaign set around the battle of Phall. 
To do this, depending upon the size of the ship you want to base it upon, you need between 3 and 7 Key objective pieces of terrain. I am planning on knocking all out in turn, and for now the first I decided to get done and out of the way was the Life Sustainers. 

I plan to add a series of Pipe work segments, tanks and some control panels to this to hopefully give the impression of a Terrain piece, which is used to allow the crew to survive on a Starship. 

And for scale alongside my Vlka Fenryka:

If you also remember, I have created some 3D plans for my next Mortalis project (Plasma Drives) and have also begun designing a simple piece for the Warp drives which I am looking forward to doing. 

Drake Seta

Sunday, 26 March 2017


We have just finished at the Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls. During the Award ceremony it was officially announced that the last ever Thunderhawk Gunship was available in the Forge World Shop. "IT WILL NOT BE RE-STOCKED!!!"

So bye ol' girl. 

Hello plastic flying myth. 

Drake Seta

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Lady Atia's Squats - Planning a Faction

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today I want to talk a bit about an upcoming project of mine - the Squats. As some of you may know, Space Dwarfs are one of my dream-projects and GW's upcoming release of Kharadron Overlords will give me enough material to convert my own Squats or use as cross-over models for both systems. So let's talk about the basics - what are the Squats fluff wise and what I want to do with mine!

The Fluff - Squats, and Empire within an Empire

"Do not underestimate the Squats. They survived for millennia cut off from the Imperium and assailed from all sides. Their determination and resilience is an example to all."
-  Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves Legion

"The Squats (Homo sapiens rotundus) were short, stocky and physically hardy Abhumans who were adapted to the heavy gravity conditions that predominated on the worlds they had settled near the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. Of all the Abhuman types encountered by the Imperium, they most closely resembled baseline humans. The Squats' ancestors were human colonists who reached the heavy-gravity mineral-rich worlds around the galactic core during the time of the initial expansion of humanity beyond Earth's own Solar System during the Dark Age of Technology, many millennia before the emergence of the Emperor of Mankind and the dawn of the Age of the Imperium. The colonisation came at the right time, as Old Earth's own mineral wealth had been largely depleted. The worlds at the galactic core were rich in rare and unique strategic minerals, but in terms of the existence of life they were barren and unsuited for human colonisaton. These worlds were dark and bleak planets. Their gravity was intense, usually two or three times that of the Earth. Their atmospheres were either thin or non-existent. Even those planets that did possess atmospheres were continuously blasted by tremendous radiation storms produced by the massive black hole located in the galaxy's core.

Once settled, these planets became rich Mining Worlds. The colonists were forced to become self-sufficient, providing their own underground hydroponically-grown food. Due to the hostile nature of these worlds' surfaces, the colonists formed underground societies. During the long isolation of Mankind produced by the Warp Storms of the Age of Strife, the Squat race genetically adapted to their new homes, evolving or genetically engineering themselves to better suit their environment, becoming far tougher, more resilient and physically shorter with a denser skeletomuscular system than found in the baseline human genome. The Squats had some of the best scientists and engineers in history who explored the frontiers of human science and technology without the constraints of religion and ritual, in contrast with the dogma-bound humans of the Mechanicum who followed a very different path on Mars during the same period.

As the Imperium of Man emerged from the Age of Strife and began to reunite the scattered worlds of humanity, the Squat Homeworlds were rediscovered and contact with the Imperium was established. The Imperium found that a distinct culture had developed on the Squat Homeworlds, and that the Squats had moved outwards through the galaxy, extending their own domains. Often they settled harsh planets similar in climate to their Homeworlds, but they also occupied more conventional worlds able to support normal human civilisations."

What I want to do with my version of Squats

The fluff above will be the base for my Squats - abhumans, part of the Imperium but still independend (basically an empire within an empire, similiar to the Mechanicum). They will also split during the heresy - some of them will stay true to the Empire, while others will want to do their own thing or even turn to Chaos (it's whispered some Squat homeworlds have secret cults of the daemonic Hashut going on hidden under their surfaces ...).

I'll try to re-use most if not all of the old 1st/2nd edition fluff about them - but probably not everything. If you look at the state of some other factions during Rogue Trader - especially Orks, Guard and Eldar - you will see that most of them used similiar stuff than Space Marines - Boltguns, Dreadnoughts, Rhinos and Land Raiders (Yes, Harlequin Land Raiders were a thing!). The same goes for Squats back then. They had rhinos, boltguns and bikes. 

My Squats will be a little bit more unique - they are supposed to be their own faction, like Solar Auxilia or Mechanicum, not just Imperial Army/Marines 2.0. I want to follow Forgeworlds' way of doing the Legio Custodes - new unique looking stuff instead of "just" Land Raiders and Rhinos. I imagine them mostly using their own weapons and tanks/airships. The boltgun for example was a Terran' weapon so they should have limited access to it at the time of the Great Crusade. I think they would have their own weapon and variations - better plasma stuff, grav and anti-grav engines, laserweapons. I guess some of the squat core-STC's would be used on other imperial weapons and tanks (maybe it was the Squats assaultcannons that actually made the kheres pattern working?!). 

At that point I would like to share a comment from Jervis Johnson about the removing of the Squats:

"No, the reason that the Squats were dropped was because the creatives in the Studio (people like me, Rick, Andy C, Gav etc) felt that we had failed to do the Dwarf 'archetype' justice in its 40K incarnation. From the name of the race (Squats - what *were* we thinking?!?!) through to the short bikers motif, we had managed to turn what was a proud and noble race in Warhammer and the other literary forms where the archetype exists, into a joke race in 40K. We only fully realized what we had done when we were working on the 2nd edition of 40K. Try as we might, we just couldn't work up much enthusiasm for the Squats. The mistake we made then (deeply regretted since) was to leave them in the background and the 'get you by' army list book that appeared. With hindsight, we should have dropped the Squats back then, and saved ourselves a lot of grief later on.

Anyway, the Squats made it into 2nd edition, and since we were doing army books for each of the races, we started to try and figure out what to do with them. Unfortunately we just couldn't figure out a way to update them and get them to work that we felt was good enough. The 'art' of working on an army as a designer is to find the thing that you think is cool and exciting about an army, and work it up into a strong theme. This 'muse' didn't strike any of us, and so, rather than bring out a second-rate product simply re-hashing the old background, we kept doing other army books instead, with stuff we did feel inspired by.

Now, while this was all going on for 40K, we were actually doing some rather good stuff for the Squats in Epic. On this scale there was a natural tendency to focus on the big 'hand-made' war machines the Squat artisans produced, and this created an army with a feel that was very different to the biker hordes in 40K. However, this tended to reinforce the problems we saw in the Squat background rather than alleviate them, underlining what we *should* have done with the Squats in 40K."

With that in mind I really want to do them justice - making them a proud army that will fight alongside Space Marines, Mechanicum and Solar Auxilia against Xenos and Traitors during the Great Crusade, the Horus Heresy and beyond! I also want to create rules for them sometimes next year - with the help of Drake, once any rules changes for 40k's next edition are clear.

If there are any wishes you have for my Squats - write it in the comments below. I'm currently still in the "brain storming phase", so any help is welcome :)

Lady Atia

Friday, 24 March 2017

Resin Thunderhawk - No longer available.

Hi all. 

Yes we have all seen that great pic in the recent video of the Plastic Thunderhawk box, and we all know about the mystery hawk on the front cover of Inferno and on at least 2-3 pages within. 
Today another bit of tinder has been added to the speculation Fire that is the Plastic Thunderhawk rumours. Forge World have marked the Resin Thunderhawk as Sold Out, with an availability of No longer available. 

Now in the past this is because the item is being repackaged (from baggy to box), or because the item is discontinued. For instance the Xiphon:

When it disappeared. 

When it reappeared 

Because to my knowledge, the Thunderhawk is already in a Red Box, it doesn't look like it is because of that. 

It could be that it re-surfaces randomly in the next few days, maybe a different code, but for now I am going to be checking FW's site closely to see if it comes back up (but I am doubtful it will). I am fully in the camp of convinced people that a Plastic Thunderhawk is imminent (maybe GW had delays getting it completed before the Horus Heresy Weekender, and so are now planning of dropping the new sleeker pattern in Plastic at Warhammer-Fest?)
So to me it is the end of the line for this ol' girl, beautiful as she was, but we will see in the next few weeks and months. 

Drake Seta

New releases 24/03/2017

It's been a good week for Forge World releases! 

Though less common within the ranks of the Legio Custodes than their peers, those warriors who comprise the Sagittarum Guard Sodalities nevertheless fulfil a number of vital roles within the Legio’s order of battle. Their art of war, in contrast to the rest of the Custodian Guard, is focussed on the slaying of the foe primarily at distance and upon the devastating application of firepower on the battlefield. 

Get all the components and upgrades you need to assemble a set of Legio Custodes Sagittarum Guard with this bundle. You’ll receive a set of 5 plastic Custodian Guard, along with a Legio Custodes Sagittarum Guard Upgrade Set.

A variant of the Triaros Armoured Conveyor common within the Mechanicum Taghmata, the Karacnos is a dedicated assault tank, its armoured chassis and copious transport compartment devoted to the mounting and munitions store of a single heavy weapon system – a mortar battery of ‘Karacnos’ radiological warheads, designed to sweep an area clear of organic life for later acquisition by the forces of the Machine God. 

These warheads are rather volatile, meaning this tank is heavily protected by armoured shutters which provide two modelling options: the tank can have these open or closed. As well as this, its rear-mounted self-targeting lightning-blasters are movable from a resting position to battle-ready, meaning this machine can go from mobile artillery platform to true assault tank with a single command – especially given the front-mounted shock ram it shares with its ancestor

One of the most spectacular, if not the most efficient, secret weapons fielded by any Blood Bowl team is the Dwarf Deathroller. It was first used by the Dwarf Warhammerers back in ’64 and has been a regular part of many a Dwarf team's arsenal ever since. The Deathroller’s continuing popularity is no doubt due to the fact that it’s so easily improvised from the rollers found at the more sophisticated and well-kept grass-laid stadiums. Referees have done their best to keep Deathrollers off the playing field, and quite a few have ended up as flat as a pancake as a result! 

Should you be looking for an especially eye-catching and killsome Secret Weapon for your Dwarf Blood Bowl teams, this resin kit is the machine for you. Covered in appropriately boisterous details, from the goblin being mashed underfoot to the dwarf pilot cheerfully brandishing a foaming tankard of ale (we do not condone drinking and piloting anything, especially powerful death machinery). There are spikes, cogs, and an evil-looking set of lawnmower blades and even some dwarf iconography! Rules for fielding the Deathroller can be found in Blood Bowl Death Zone Season One

Also some of the Battle Bunnies will be gaming at Thone of Skulls this weekend, so stay tuned for our event coverage!

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Craftworld Iybraesil: Paint Guide

Hello everyone,

I've finally managed to complete my second eldar jetbike! I have been struggling for motivation to paint recently so it has been slow progress, but I thought i'd share a bit of a paint guide with you just in case anyone finds it useful.

So to start with here's a list of the paints I've used:

Corax White
Abaddon Black
Eshin Grey
Sotek Green
Ahriman Blue
Baharroth Blue
Rakarth Flesh
Palid Wych Flesh
Ceramite White
White Scar
Mephiston Red
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Wild Rider Red
Elysian Green
Drakenhof Nightshade
Agrax Earthshade
Lahmian Medium

- So the first step was to spray the model with Corax White, any white undercoat spray will do though.

- I then began to apply the first base layers, as you can see from the picture below, I used Sotek Green for the riders armour and the jet bikes armour panels.

- I also applied Abaddon black into the areas you can see on the picture like the seat as well as the riders face plate and the grill on the underside of the bike.

- Next I applied Rakarth Flesh onto mainly the scatter laser.

- Finally I tried my best not to touch the riders helmet with any other paint in order to keep the white a consistent colour.

- The next stage was to apply the washes only into the recesses. The first was Drakenhof Nightshade which I applied to the green and black areas of the model. I did water the wash down slightly with Lahmian Medium.

- The next wash was Agrax Earthshade, which was again watered down slightly and applied into the recesses on the Rakarth Flesh base coated areas which you can see below.

- The next stage was to tidy up the wash on the green armour with Sotek Green again being careful not to paint into those recesses particularly on the bonnet of the Jetbike.

- I also used Drakenhof Nightshade to wash into the recesses of the white helmet. This has to be a carefully wash as it can take a few layers of  thinned Ceramite White to tidy it up again. The blue wash works quite nicely as it isn't too dark against the white.

- At this point I have also applied the next base layer on top of the Sotek Green. This is Ahriman Blue, a really nice colour which is just slightly lighter than Sotek and really makes the model stand out.

- After the Ahriman Blue I then applied the first highlight to the armour which was a mix of 2/3 Ahriman Blue to 1/3 of Baharroth Blue, also using some Lahmian Medium to water this down slightly.

- It isn't hugely visible in this lighting but it just helps graduate the colour up to Baharroth Blue which is the final armour highlight. I also used this on the bonnet where it would catch the light to again help graduate the colour up, you can make your strokes slightly wider than your final highlight to help the graduation of colour.

- At this stage I also applied the Palid Wych Flesh around the edges of the Rakarth flesh coloured areas (No idea what to call these bits, fins maybe! lol)

- For the control panel after the Sotek Green base coat do not paint over the panels as the wash leaves it a darker colour. Then use Elysian Green to edge highlight around its edges as you can see above.

- Finally I used used a dark grey to highlight around the black areas as I didn't want them to stand out too much. I used Eshin Grey for this part.

- As you can see from this image I applied a final edge highlight of Ceramite White on top of the previous Palid Wych Flesh highlight.

- I also used White Scar to apply a highlight around the edges of the white helmet, which in good lighting looks quite nice.

- For the eye lenses I used a base of Mephiston Red then added layers of Evil Sunz Scarlet and then Wild Rider Red.

- To finish with I used Baharroth Blue to add the final edge highlight to the riders armour and the jetbikes amour panels.

So to summarise:

Armour > Sotek Green (Base) > Drakenhof Nightshade (Wash) > Sotek Green (tidy up)> Ahriman Blue (Layer) > Mix 2/3 Ahriman to 1/3 Baharroth Blue (Highlight) > Baharroth Blue (Edge Highlight)

Black > Abaddon Black (Base)> Nightshade (Wash) > Eshin Grey (Highlight)

Cream > Rakarth Flesh (Base) > Agrax Earthshade (Wash) > Palid Wych Flesh (Highlight) >
Ceramite White (Highlight)

White > Corax White (Base) > Light wash of Nightshade (Wash) > Ceramite White (Layer)> White Scar (Highlight)

Overall I am pretty happy with the scheme but I think it could definitely be streamlined if you wanted to. Unfortunately the photos are not very consistent as I have been painting this over a fairly long period of time and its easy to forget to photograph the different stages.

There are also areas I can see i'd like to touch up from the photos but hopefully you can get a good idea of the process I will be going through. So thanks for reading, hopefully this will help some of you :)

Aveinus Kaane.